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Mentoring Chiropractors For Four Decades

Join the thousands of chiropractors who’ve experienced the life changing impact of Integrity Doctors. With millions of new patients produced, more than $10 MILLION in donations raised for local charities, and 7,000 locations opened and growing, we have the tools you need to run the successful practice of your dreams!

How Can Integrity Doctors Do For You?

We are a full service, patient–driven chiropractic consulting company built for the now. We help chiropractors impact their communities by giving back and spreading the awesomeness of chiropractic wellness!

Check out this incredible interview with Dr. Rob Rice and learn how he went from 0 to 5 clinics using the Integrity System!

✅ Open A New Clinic

Whether it’s your 1st or 50th clinic , we know the secrets to helping you open with ease!

✅ Proven Procedures

Our proven system is designed to get your practice running smoother while helping take the weight off your shoulders.

✅ Turn Key Training

Put your staff on autopilot with our full online training program for every position!

✅ Marketing Tools

From screenings to online strategies, we’ll show you the best ways to get noticed!

What Makes Our Chiropractic System Right For You?

We have programs for every chiropractic experience level!

Our system is built to inspire you and your staff to take chiropractic to a whole new level! Gone are the days of boring, depressing, fear driven materials built upon ancient strategies that don’t work. We are changing and adapting to the current climate constantly. Not only will you and your staff love our system, we will keep you engaged and empowered to expand chiropractics reach in a rapidly changing world. See for yourself and schedule your personal consultation today!

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In just 15 Minutes, we’ll show you how we set the standard in chiropractic business….

Integrity keeps me motivated. They have pushed me far beyond what I would have done on my own. And we have a lot of beautiful growth to come! I love being a part of an organization who’s goal is to get 80% of the population under chiropractic care!
Gillian G.


Integrity Student Club

At Integrity Doctors, we believe that all students should be better trained on what to expect in chiropractic business. That’s why we are dedicated to giving you the tools you need not just when you graduate, but while you are currently in school. You’re invited to take part in these incredible opportunities for FREE while you are a student!

Simply join our FREE Student Club Mobile App! Here you can discover new and exciting opportunities including area events, office tours, associate jobs, preceptor positions, and other ways to interact with some of the top doctors in the profession! Don’t wait, join the conversation now!

Chiropractic Practice Building

The QuickStart Program

Whether you need to start from scratch or start over, our QuickStart program will make sure you have the fastest and easiest transition to opening a brand new chiropractic clinic. Our expert QuickStart chiropractic coaches specialize in opening new chiropractic practices and will give you the confidence needed to start your new chiropractic business. Follow the link to learn more about our chiropractic consultants and contact us today to register for an Integrity Doctors chiropractic seminar in a city near you!

The Fresh Start Program

Not everything in chiropractic business goes as planned. Maybe you tried doing it on your own or have gotten into a situation that feels impossible to get out of. No matter what has happened to you in the past, our chiropractic consultants have a solution for you to move on and move up! Our Fresh Start program will give you the guidance necessary to get back in control as quickly as possible!

What we are offering you is a practice do over. The ability to have a fresh start in practice and experience practice the way you THOUGHT it was going to be! We have structured our Fresh Start program so you can get started with us at an extremely affordable price even in the tightest financial situation.

This is your mulligan! Take it! The truth is, with a few instructions and a few corrections practice could be a whole lot better and more fun! It can go the way you envisioned it and even much more.

Financial Planning

We want to make sure you have a bright future ahead! We can help you plan for retirement and get you back in the black and remove your stress!

Stay Up To Date

We will keep you informed and educated on all the latest rules and regulations for both federal and state laws to keep your practice protected.

Find A Buyer

If you’re looking for a change or simply wanting to retire, we have doctors that are ready to purchase your clinic to expand their services!

Integrity Elite Program

Feeling lonely at the top? Have you been looking for a group of other successful chiropractors to associate yourself with? Look no further than the Integrity Elite. With more than 500 members at an average age of 31, these impressive chiropractic clinics all collect a minimum of $40,000 per month and are changing the face of the chiropractic profession. Join them in one of our luxurious chiropractic seminar locations and experience what it’s like to be amongst the best!

We Have A Dream For Chiropractic Care.

We are in the business of helping chiropractic practices, like yours, but as Integrity Doctors, we choose to do more. As a part of all of our Integrity programs, we want you to not only share the word about the many benefits of chiropractic care, but to also build a stronger and healthier wellness community. We already know that chiropractic will forever change and improve the health and wellness of our patients, but it is simply not enough to just have a few patients. We need 80 percent of this country regularly utilizing chiropractic care! That’s the dream! We are #AllOutFor80! As the world’s largest, most successful team of chiropractic coaches, we educate other chiropractors on managing and growing a successful chiropractic practice. Contact the Integrity Doctors team to learn more, and to get started on your path to success!  
Integrity has been worth every penny to me and my business!! Starting your own business is hard. Starting your own practice is overwhelming!! My coach has been a God send in helping me navigate everything from marketing to patient management to insurance and has been irreplaceable in helping me with legal questions. I have no doubt that Integrity has helped fast tract my success and I highly recommend them whether you are just starting or even if you have an established practice and are wanting to grow!
Penny H.


Integrity Doctors, Marketing Programs & Services, Lincoln, NE