3 Details to Consider Before Starting Your Chiropractic Practice, Pt. 1

Welcome back to the Integrity Doctors blog! As the world’s largest, united team of chiropractic consultants and business coaches, the Integrity team is here for you as you start your journey as a chiropractor. For those who have recently graduated, congratulations! Now comes the part where you have to decide what kind of chiropractor you want to be. Do you want to follow the same mistakes as many others who have come before you? Those who have turned their efforts away from providing compassionate chiropractic care in favor of a money-focused chiropractic clinic that is only concerned about having little-to-no overhead? Or do you want to be the chiropractor who actively seeks to “grow chiropractic” by providing wellness-focused chiropractic care to your community? As you begin formulating your plan for your chiropractic practice, here are five things you’ll want to consider.

Your Mission

First, and foremost, you will want to sit down and seriously think about your mission as a chiropractor. What do you hope to achieve with your practice? What is your philosophy as a Doctor of Chiropractic? What approaches will you take in your treatments and your personal engagements with your patients? These are important questions to consider before you even purchase or lease your office space. These questions and others will be your fundamental foundations as a chiropractor, which will continue to guide you along in your journey as a wellness care provider for years to come. What’s more, these questions will help you establish your morals and ethics as a chiropractor. And while the answers to these questions may change as you grow as a doctor, they offer a solid base for you to always come back to and reflect upon in the years and decades after opening your practice. Once you have determined what your mission is, stick to it, live by it, and put it into practice every day, with every single patient you treat.

Your Treatments

As a chiropractor, you have learned many techniques and methodologies, some of which you develop and craft into your own specialty, and some of which you may never put into practice. Every chiropractor has the ability to find their niche for their adjusting style, their preferred applications, and their favorite types of equipment that enhance the manual therapies they provide. While one chiropractor may prefer sports-based medicine that caters more to athletes, another doctor may favor chiropractic care for injuries. Some chiropractors are more comfortable treating children, while others may prefer working with seniors. No matter which treatments you provide your patients, be confident, be flexible, and allow time for yourself to develop your unique skill! And know that you will always continue to grow as a chiropractor as you develop your craft as a healing practitioner.

The Size of Your Practice

Some chiropractors come right out of school determined to open a larger practice, which may be a partnership between multiple doctors. On the other hand, others may want to open a smaller, family-based chiropractic practice that limits its new patient intake each month. Refer back to your mission and see how your actual practice fits into your goals as a chiropractor, and be realistic. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with starting a small practice, even if you want to grow into a larger clinic in the future. Just know that you have the power to determine and achieve your dreams, no matter how small or how big those dreams are at first. The important thing is that you achieve your goals by being the best chiropractor you can be, without sacrificing the health and well-being of your patients in favor of dollar signs.

At Integrity Doctors, we stand by our belief that working together as a community of chiropractors, we can achieve our goal of treating 80 percent of the U.S. population with effective, affordable, accessible chiropractic wellness care. This doesn’t mean that just because you want to open a smaller chiropractic clinic that you won’t be contributing to this goal — just the opposite, in fact. As long as you hold true to your mission, your ethical beliefs as a chiropractor, and your dedication to providing your patients with the utmost care, you are contributing to this overall goal set forth by the Integrity community, and the wider chiropractic community! People in your community will recognize your compassionate, skill, and dedication to offering the best care, which will contribute to the growth of your business.

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