3 Details to Consider Before Starting Your Chiropractic Practice, Pt. 2

Welcome back to our blog! Opening a chiropractic business takes a lot of planning and consideration before you can even lease or purchase an office for your practice. At Integrity Doctors, our team of chiropractic consultants is committed to helping others achieve their goals of becoming a thriving chiropractic center in their community. Therefore, in part one, we looked at three important details to consider before opening a chiropractic business, taking over another practice, or joining an existing practice. You will want to consider:

  • What your mission as a chiropractor will be.
  • The chiropractic treatments you will offer your patients.
  • The size of your practice.

Here are three more details to consider as you plan your chiropractic business.

Your Staff

Once you determine the size of the practice you wish to open, you can decide on the size of staff you will need and want. More than anything, you will want to hire a team of people with similar goals who will reflect your mission and your chiropractic philosophy, which is a lot harder than it sounds. While each team member will need to possess the proper requirements for their specific position, they should also be friendly, quick on their feet, and work extremely well with people. What’s great about the Integrity System is that we provide you with access to our proven hiring and training procedures. When these are put into practice, your staff will only contribute to the continuous growth and success of your chiropractic practice, which will benefit your prosperity and the of your employees and that of your patients.

Your Target Demographic

Most chiropractors will treat a wide array of patients suffering from all types of pain conditions, injuries, and health conditions. However, as we briefly mentioned in part one, many chiropractors will also determine their target demographic. While some chiropractors may focus more on family chiropractic, others may open a wellness center that caters to specific groups of people such as athletes, children, or even seniors. This is another detail you want to at least be mindful of before opening your practice, as this may factor into your advertising and marketing strategies.

Your Office Space

Before you purchase or lease an office space, make a list of your dream office. What would your preferred floor plan and layout be? How many treatment rooms do you need? If you will be offering acupuncture, will you need a separate space that is quieter? Will you provide in-house radiology? Will you have in-house massage therapists or other practitioners? Will you have a separate office from your main treatment room? Will you have an open room layout (hopefully not, but still worth considering)? What kind of chiropractic equipment do you want to have and kind of equipment will you require? These are some very important questions to consider before settling on an office. Additionally, you will want to consider where your practice will be located. If it’s in a high-traffic area, how might that affect your treatments? Will you have multiple levels and if so, how will you make these spaces accessible for those who are disabled or have limited mobility due to pain and health conditions? Write all of these answers down and take your notes with you as you look at places to lease and purchase. The bottom line is, you want to provide your patients with a welcoming, comfortable, accessible space that allows for privacy when working with your patients.

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