Integrity Doctors has been a lifesaver to our clinic. We spent the first five years in practice, just surviving. Yes we could pay the bills, but it felt like a revolving door of patients in and patients out. Every month felt like we were starting over. Integrity helped us to understand the importance of systems to help educate our patients and ourselves to understand that patients who took preventative measures with their health had better long-term effects. It was easy to get caught in the trap of we are busy lets just skip something for now or lets just do half of something. It became apparent very quickly just how detrimental this could be. While we are far from perfect, we try to stress and remember the disservice we are doing for our patients if we don’t follow all of the systems. It is up to us to help educate our patients. No one else will do it for us. If we don’t follow through, a patient may drop care and will therefore miss out on the progress we could have made as well as live a life with aches and pains they shouldn’t have to live with. On top of that, they may have an unfair impression of Chiropractic and what it can do for them. Integrity helps to keep us on track when we get side tracked with other distractions and this has been the key to our success. While there are so many good products available for the public, we realize that our specialty is Chiropractic. We want to be the best we can at what we know best and we do our best to stay focused on just that. Integrity helps us to keep that focus and as a result, I really do feel that we are able to be the best Chiropractic Office we can be. We have been fortunate to be recognized by our Community by being voted People’s Choice and Best of the Red River Valley two years in a row. We thank Integrity Doctors from the bottom of our hearts.

Dr. Kevin Paape