There is a reason the President lives in the White House. If you have ever been to the White House you know . . . it creates an amazing image. And when he speaks – he speaks behind a podium with the Presidential Seal in front of him. All of this is for one purpose – image! Image Matters! He flies in a private plane called Air Force One because stepping out of a Cessna Prop plane just wouldn’t fit the image.

You know, I couldn’t help but noticing when studying B.J. Palmer – he focused a LOT on image! Designer clothes and beard – formal picture. He made sure he had the 1st car. And look at the mansion he bought. He did things in a big way – a first class way. Listen, he set Chiropractic on a “Top Shelf” Image!

We need to reflect that same image B.J. worked to create!

A Look of Authority and Leadership – how do the leaders in your community dress? Your patients should NOT out dress YOU! I can’t say what first class is in your community – but all you have to do is look to the leaders and see what they do – that is your answer.

For example: When you walk in the TX room your patients should always be impressed and proud. Dressing with authority will cause you to practice with more authority and leadership. You will rise to your image.
The dress at our conferences is awesome and it is done for a reason. I know sometimes you probably wish we didn’t set a strict dress code but it is essential – why? We are out in public and we have an image to set. And how do you create a vision for success and a heart to be number one in healthcare without a number one image? I have met a lot of chiropractors over the years – and you have too – that dressed and looked like they smoke pot and go to Bob Marley concerts for a living. Woodstock is over! And by the way, once you get into practice you aren’t in college anymore!!! Don’t buy into the lie that perception isn’t everything – it is!

You might say: You Are Before You Become!

So as a rule: It is always better to be dressed TOO nice, than not nice enough. And dress is just an easy illustration – this also includes behavior – conversations and language – where you hang out. If you want to be considered a “real” professional – you have got to FIT the IMAGE!