The fear I have every time I say wellness is that the doctor doesn’t know I am talking about chiropractic. The adjustment! Wellness means patients are coming back at least once a month to get adjusted so that they are subluxation free! I am always afraid that when I use words like wellness and maintenance you are thinking everything BUT chiropractic. Why? Here is an example: Dr. Amanda Owens, one of our Top 25, sent this to me – the results of a survey of 85 chiropractors in her area. You can’t make this stuff up. You think this is my soapbox – my crusade – well, it is – but you need to see why. Here is the poll question:

What’s the single best overall product you recommend for people to take/use to maintain good health?

20 – Good diet (whole foods, organic, etc.)

18 – Good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement

17 – Exercise

13 – Chiropractic adjustment

7 – Fish oil/Omega 3’s

5 – Vitamin D/D-3

5 – Probiotics

5 – Clean water

3 – Detox supplements

2 – A good neck pillow

11 – Miscellaneous (custom orthotics, Ultrainflamix, stress reduction, Echinacea, protein breakfast, regular office visits, patient education, Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, powdered greens, HCL, Intramax)

The obvious answer from a chiropractor should have been the adjustment is the single best overall product. Only 13 out of 85 recommends that! No wonder chiropractic practices are void of a maintenance/wellness practice. They don’t believe in it. How embarrassing. They don’t even know what business they are in! They don’t even recommend their own product for good health! The ESSENTIAL ingredient is gone – like Elvis – it has left the building. If they owned a Ford dealership – they would recommend people drive Chevy’s? Please notice, these really are not diverse answers. It is all diet and supplements and exercise – except for 13 idiots who said the adjustment. That is 15 percent that recommend the adjustment to maintain good health. Removing the nerve interference is NOT crucial to the body healing itself according to 85% of these chiropractors. I would like to think the 13 who said chiropractic are Integrity doctors. The rest of them – the 85% – not only am I sure they are starving – frankly they DESERVE to starve!!!!!! Their patients don’t need a chiropractor – they have a good neck pillow. Read your diploma for crying out loud. It’s like having a pastor who doesn’t recommend God first. It’s like having a dentist who doesn’t recommend check ups.

Here’s the good news for you. The sky is the limit. The field is wide open for you. You have no competition in chiropractic! Should you choose to promote the adjustment you will do KILLER simply because NOBODY else is! It doesn’t matter how many offices are in town – only 15% know they are chiropractors and recommend the adjustment. The rest of them are trying to be somebody else. How sad – how very, very sad.

Well, we are not giving up. We are going to make 30,000 chiropractors out of the 30,000 chiropractors – (somebody has to do it so it might as well be us) – LEAD! Viva La Chiropractic! You are not a GNC store – you don’t need a license for that. You are an adjustment center – be that! You will explode!!!! And you DO need a license for that – You are alone in the market!