The Impact that the integrity System has had for the way we practice, and even the way we live our lives is something that words are going to be extremely difficult to describe. Starting with the office, without the integrity System it would be hard pressed to have patients to care for! The system is what allows us to be the Chiropractor, and serve the community. The system is what allows us to get new patients in the door and have the WOW experience Day 1 and Right Place Promise, to put into perspective for prospective lookers that they are in “The Right Place at The Right Time”. The system communicates the Report of Findings in a way that the public can understand Chiropractic and why they need to put energy and focus into not only their pain and symptoms today, but also for their prevention and wellness for the rest of their lives. The continuation of care through 6 Point office Visits, How To Stay Young class, and Wellness reports keeps practice members invested into why it’s important to continue care and understand the long term investment into their entire families well being. The system is what has allowed us to start to recruit team members that want to make an impact on the face of healthcare in Northeast Ohio! We have always wanted to find people that don’t just want a job, but are looking to latch onto a dream and a vision to be a part of and that is now a reality with the team we are building. And, having these team members begin to be able to understand the Core Values from the onset and how near and dear that we hold these and process all decisions of the office, training and care through our mission statement and core values is immense. They are able to see from the onset in our practice the family atmosphere and level of serving is not just rhetoric but is a very real palpable thing that we mean and live out every day.

The next step in the system for us is to start to reproduce the exact image of Maximum Potential Chiropractic 50 times over in Northeast Ohio! The first time we did a Super Clinic the mindset and system was not clean, expectations were off and even though it was profitable, the amount of work and stress it added made us sell and walk away from it thinking that we would never go that route again! And, here we are full in with both feet in the boat hiring DC’s and putting out the goal to have 5 Super Clinics open by end of 2019! This can only happen and only change our attitude and mindset through complete trust and operation of the Integrity System. We have absolute faith in the direction, vision, and purpose to Heal The Land!

The last part I want to address in the personal change that the Integrity System creates. It has made me a better husband, father, and community leader. As one of our team puts is, Keith is a “God Funnel” that always knows how to speak directly into our lives so that we can handle what is coming next and how to have Faith in what we are doing!

Thank You for the impact on our lives and our magnificent precious profession!!

Dr. Matt Hamilton