With Integrity, patient care has transformed from a vital priority to an implemented well-oiled machine. Our genuine enthusiasm for our patients has finally been translated and perceived with the policies and procedures brought to us by Integrity Management.

First and foremost, our doctors, managers, and chiropractic assistants embody the Integrity core value of Wow Service. Patients are welcomed by name as they arrive, patients’ families are common conversation in our office, patients are called for check-ins when they are sick or injured, any missed appointments are immediately called and rescheduled, and our staff are in constant communication with our patients and their other medical team members. The staff trainings, coach’s input, and core value reading have given us direction toward our goal of making every patient feel appreciated and important.

Along with our practice interacting with our patients exceedingly well, the inner workings of staff with each other has improved greatly due to the implementation of Integrity policies. Specifically, the discussion of leading by example that was sparked with the second Core Value training lead to a sudden, noticeable change in moral, topics of discussion, and interactions. Improving office systems, general health, and encouragement can be heard in discussions between patients. Our office staff bring a more positive outlook with them everyday now that they know how much they affect those around them. This undeniably comes off as genuine happiness to our patients. Further, the positive way our office approaches everyday undoubtedly helps comfort and reassure patients.

Additionally, Integrity’s Right Place Promise has given our doctors and chiropractic assistants a set of words that match their ecstatic feelings knowing a new patient has made the choice of treating their pain or discomfort naturally with chiropractic care with us. Our practice has never before been able to put those feelings together in a way that communicates to and reassures the patient so well. Our patients always respond with a smile and an occasional “thank you”. The Right Place Promise gets constantly revisited as patients remember what we told them and give us gratifying comments of “you told me it would be the right fit” and “add me to your list of good results”. It only grows our confidence in the Promise’s words when we see how much of an impact it makes on our patients.

Further, our doctors’ confidence, both collectively and individually, has flourished with the specific training included in Integrity’s program. Specifically, the Success Principle of Purpose has affirmed and supported each doctor in different ways as they have grown into fully embodying a path to their goals. Through the audios and discussions centering around Purpose, there are less distractions and more inspiration for our doctors every week. Our doctors could not possibly care more about our patients, yet their growing ability to align their efforts for each individual patient increases their impact every time the patient comes in. The doctors’ more finely tailored belief in themselves effortlessly translates to increased motivation and belief from the patients.

Integrity Management’s ability to advance our doctors’ confidence, fine tune our practice’s communication of our exceptional fit for each patient, improve the staff’s cooperation and moral behind the scenes, and perfect our policies with patient interaction has transformed our ability to care for patients from great to amazing.

Dr. Colleen Ford