Do you believe in miracles? I do! I’m not blind. I have seen the impossible happen. My life is full of the impossiblethat became possible! How about you? Have you ever witnessed the “unexplainable?”

Of course, I think it is amazing that a cruise ship can float with 3,000 people on it. A plane can fly with 500 people on it. How does it get up there? What would people who lived 500 years ago say about that? What would they say about everything in our daily life that we consider “normal” including our smartphone, smart TVs, computers, and cars that can park and drive themselves? I think they would say: “impossible. Impossible that you can see on a big screen somebody who is talking 5,000 miles away. How can you hear them and see them? Out of thin air? Most of what we have today came from people who believed in the impossible. Our whole life is a miracle! But miracles have been happening for a long timeas long as time!

Seeing is Believing

To see miracles, you need to believe in them! To experience miracles you need to expect them!You can’t have dreams come true if you don’t have dreams! Start dreaming! Dream big! Decide that “The Impossible Dream” is possible! For every adjustment you give to every patient with every kind of physical disease, you need to expect a miracle. For that financial debt that seems to be higher than The Matterhorn. Expect to get on top of it and stay there! “But Keith, that would take a miracle.” Right, that is what makes it fun! It can happen! For that mistake or sin that appears more permanent than a tattoo, let’s expect a miracle!

Make Miracles Happen!

For that house you want, that child, that wedding, that vacation, that car, that boat, let’s believe the impossible, is possible. If you don’t, you for sure won’t. Believe the “Impossible is Possible.” That’s the only way you are going to make it happen! After all, if the world was full of realists only, we wouldn’t be texting somebody 5,000 miles away on a cruise ship from our cellular phone while still checking Facebook and emails. Or watching a movie while sitting on a plane arriving clear across the country in only three hours. Waitthere would be no flights at all.

Can you get into practice? Of course, you can! Can you be successful in your chiropractic practice and live the dream?

Yes, Virginiathe impossible is possiblebut only to those who believe! They are the ones…at the top!

Possibility Thinking is Essential! Our dedicated chiropractic consultants are here to guide you with the tools to help you soar and achieve your goals as a chiropractor, and join so many others at the top! Contact Integrity Doctors today and get on the path to achieving success!