The integrity system is the best thing that any office could implement into their everyday use. I can see everyday how much it impacts our office. From the very first day that a new patient walks into our office, we are already standing and waiting to greet them by name and shake their hand. You can tell right away they know this is a different kind of office and that we care. I can see them relax and start enjoying their appointment the minute we start going into the right place promise and letting them know that “they’re in the right place at the right time” and that we see so many other people just like them get amazing results. Letting them sit down with the doctor before their first adjustment and having them fully understand their treatment plan I think really shows them how invested we are in their health care and wanting them to get to their best possible selves. All three of the progress reports just allow them to reflect on their care and truly see how far they have come. I think if we took those out a patient would never really know how well they have become. It’s one thing for them to be out of pain but for us to celebrate it with them and show how happy we are too once again shows how much we care. The how to stay young class in the first phase of care is so important for our office too, because I have seen what can happen when only a handful of patients get the class, while letting others slip through. Those that get the class have more success throughout their care and following into wellness. They get to see the benefits of maintenance in their life which should be a possibility for everyone. Getting the scripts right is very important for the patient’s experience. They need to be perfect 100% of the time otherwise some patients will get information that others will not. To not follow through with all the progress reports is terrible. This office has seen first hand what it is like to have nothing implemented and when the patients rule the office. In other words, it is complete chaos. The doctor is unable to follow treatments plans and the patients take for granted the importance of chiropractic care.

Having the integrity system in this office changes everything. It keeps all staff on point and constantly striving for goals, once one gets hit we set a new one even higher. Everyone has a different role to help this office run but one thing is common among us all and that is the integrity system. We all know those core values and success principles by heart and we hit each one every day that we step through our office doors. The integrity systems show not only growth for our patients but growth for ourselves. Everything that we have learned from this system can be brought into our everyday lives to better ourselves so that we can change the future of healthcare.

Dr. Josh Konynenbelt