I joined Integrity Doctors eight years ago as a start-up practice and I couldn’t be happier. Integrity provides more than just business training to me it allows me to be a better doctor and a better person. It does this by having my team on a unified purpose. The system strengthens our office philosophy and allows us to make 120 a day look and feels easy. The result of having a very successful practice is a more fulfilled doctor and this allows me to have increased focus and enjoyment in practice.  The patients and the team feel the difference when the doctor is running a successful business.

The integrity system improves patient care in so many ways.   It starts with the amount of training that it provides to the chiropractic assistants, the insurance department, the practice representatives and the doctors. We have hundreds of testimonials and outcome assessment compliments from patients speaking not just about the care they receive but also the level of service and efficiency that our office and team provide to them.

Integrity has helped me with expanding my own capacity of what is possible for my practice, my community, and my family. We have raised money for many charities/organizations in our community. Last year we raised almost $30,000 for local organizations to help them better serve our community. We were also nominated as one of the top businesses in the area for being an “Everyday Hero.”   We have done this through the philanthropic marketing program where we routinely see over 120 new patients a month. This community outreach has brought in patients that would have not had the opportunity to be exposed to chiropractic.

The best part of Integrity for me has been the exposure to the most successful chiropractors in the country. It has been priceless to have built the friendships with the other doctors. The biggest thank you is for the invaluable memories that have been created for my wife and kids.   Keith and the rest of the team have helped us grow to the point that I love my mission and purpose and I wake up every day more motivated than the one before!


Dr. John Moore