The Integrity System has impacted my patient care in so many ways! I had been with another management company prior to starting with Integrity. I felt like I was not getting anywhere and my numbers were not growing. I felt that I had no direction for how to make a change.   I then sought out Integrity through their 30 day coaching program. I was hooked after that. I began to learn a system for educating my patients and keeping them accountable to their care. I was focusing more now on wellness care and less on pain. So the ways it has improved my care are the following:

  1. It has allowed me to be consistent with each patient. I have a routine that our staff and myself can follow for each patient such as procedures getting done.
  2. It makes sure the patient gets the education they need to understand why they need to be here and get the care they need.
  3. I feel that I am a more confident doctor with my patients thus giving them better care because I am sure of how to explain their care and what they need to them in a way that I feel they will understand.
  4. The Integrity System has allowed our office staff to give great care because it makes us be accountable to following through with checks and balances for the patient to have received the education needed, scheduling out, and keeping the patient on their treatment plan which all in turn is the best for the patient.
  5. I feel that I give all patients the quality of care that they deserve no matter their circumstance whether it be economical, social, race background, etc…
  6. I think that it makes sure no patient is left behind to fall through the cracks.
  7. It makes sure that I as the doctor don’t get lazy such as my doctor call list at the end of each day. It makes sure that I follow through with my portion and it shows to my staff that I am doing my job just like they are to do theirs. I have to walk the talk.
  8. It makes sure that I am doing my wellness reports consistently and not skipping them.
  9. It allows me to see if my patients are more focused on pain by looking to see by what visit they have dropped out by and trying my best to prevent that from happening even before it does.
  10. The system allows me to see where my new patients are coming from. We want to have a lot from not just our practice representatives but also from our office by making sure we are doing proxy’s, asking for referrals, and inside marketing events.
  11. It makes sure that each new patient’s gets the same information their first visit by our new patient video and the right place promise. It allow for consistency.
  12. My care is better with my report of findings. Each report is not different and I have consistency in my report with patients and they are not made up off the cuff each and every new patient.
  13. It makes sure that I am scheduling my patients out om their treatment plans for what they need and not by visit to visit. It also makes sure my staff actually schedule them in our software.
  14. It also allows for my office to make sure everyone has the opportunity to learn how to be young for a long time. Every person…not just a few.
  15. It allows me to have better communication with the patient’s medical doctor and therefore, this is best for the patient.

All in all, there are many reasons how and why our care has improved with the Integrity system in our office. I am blessed to have found Integrity!

Dr. Jennifer M. Sertell