Following the Integrity Doctors system has been instrumental in the care of our patients by creating milestones of patient education and progress to assure the highest level of a successful outcome.

When I was a student I thought I had a lead on the profession. I had a background as an entrepreneur and leader as I had previously started and ran a successful travel business in college which had sales above $300,000 in its peak year. For a college student this was great money and more income than many of my friends made in their first year out of college. I was the student body president of my school and very active in the Student American Chiropractic Association.

While these experiences were wonderful I soon realized that although I could adjust well I didn’t have the tools easily available to meet the requirement it takes to be compliant with state and nation laws, propose to banks to acquire a loan, and most importantly assure success with my patients care.

The Integrity Doctors system gave us the blueprint and confidence in creating a treatment plan to wellness. It taught me the importance of a continually growing 5 year plan but also a plan for patients which required scheduling all their appointment out in advance and integrating phases to our care such as Pain Management, Stabilization and Wellness. I knew chiropractic was more than just pain management but I didn’t know how to successfully teach this to my patients.

Having now been in the profession for approaching 13 years, and owning and managing my own office for the past 10, I have been able to take my original thought of helping a small handful of patients to guiding and employing 30 employees, 10 doctors including myself and wife and changing the lives of my community by performing as a team over 55,000 adjustments in 2017.

If the dream was personal success many would say we are there however the vision shared with Integrity Doctors is to change the world through chiropractic and get 80% of our population under wellness care. By achieving this goal we would influence the amount of sick people to be well, reduce usage and dependency on drugs and improve the quality of life for humans for centuries to come.

This purpose leads us to take the Integrity patient care system that has been very successful for our patients and multiply it to help more people. In the next 10 years our goal is to have 25 clinics each adjusting 700 patients per week. This means that in a year we will perform over 900,000 adjustments and optimizing many lives!

The impact of changing lives through providing chiropractic care at this level is just one step of how we change the community. This also means that we will employ around 375 people, pay millions of dollars in taxes to help build roads and schools and donate back to our community in charitable donations upwards of $125,000 dollars per year.

In conclusion, I have seen the Integrity system change my thinking from an amazing dream of a single facility with a three doctors working together in a small town to the reality of our office recruiting the best doctors and staff and leading chiropractic in a metropolitan city. With chiropractic as our purpose and Integrity leading our soul the world we be a much happier and healthier place!

Dr. Bradley Woodle