I want to think Integrity Doctors for helping me and my clinic learn great business systems.   Integrity has given us the tools to improve our patient experience and patient care. It has been wonderful having a coach who cares about my success and cares about what is right for our patients. One of the best things I love about Integrity is how it is helping our profession have a more common experience for patients. I have actually had patients say this is just like another doctors office. Of course, that experience was from another Integrity office. I know this helps the public understand what we do as chiropractors, and gives them confidence in recommending us to their family and friends.  I also love how the wellness education has changed and improved over the years. It is wonderful and the proof is in the number of wellness patients that most of our clinics are getting month after month.

Being an Integrity doctor has made me a better person and absolutely a better doctor. Being the 11th of 14 Chiropractors in my family it is obvious that Integrity has given me a head start over most other offices. I love being around Integrity doctors and Integrity staff who love Chiropractic and truly want me to win.

Integrity has helped me dream bigger than I ever knew was possible. I have already accomplished more as a Chiropractor than I ever thought I would. I wish every doctor of chiropractic were an Integrity Doctor.

Thank you Integrity Doctors for a great purpose and a God given Dream. 80% of the population getting regular chiropractic care.

Dr. Kevin Atchley