The Integrity Doctors System has played an imperative role in our office at MaxHealth Chiropractic. At the forefront, the Integrity System has had a significant impact on the way we treat our patients. The basic principles of the system teach us the how, while placing significant importance on getting our patients to understand the why. The most meaningful lessons we have learned are how to make our patients feel comfortable, how to take the lead in our patients care, and how to answer our patients’ questions before they ask them.

When a new patient walks through our doors, they may feel scared, nervous, or somewhat overwhelmed and it is our job to calm these fears. What makes us stand out from other Chiropractic offices is our ability to sympathize with our patients’ individual situations. Our patients most frequently comment on the welcoming, caring, and compassionate nature of our staff and doctor. The Integrity system has led the way for those compliments by placing the utmost importance on creating a comfortable environment in our office. That warm feeling that our patients receive does not happen on accident, it stems from what Integrity has taught us about treating our patients as if they were guests in our own homes. The result is: relaxed patients who love our office and staff!

For our patients, the fear of the unknown plays huge factor in their willingness to trust and comply with our doctor’s recommendations. If we are honest with ourselves, Chiropractors do not exactly have a great reputation historically. Our patients tend to have already formed their expectations and opinions based on the misleading information provided by friends, family, and their peers. Breaking down those preconceived notions is no easy task if we are not provided with a framework to function within. However, the Integrity system does just that! The Right Place Promise, the Welcome and Wellness videos, as well as all three Wellness Reports gently guide our patients down the right path. When our patients understand what will be happening with their care, it instills that trust and compliance with their treatment plans and assists us in leading them. The Integrity System works for us by teaching us how to be open and honest with our patients’ progress and how to lead them in the right direction. We TAKE THE LEAD with Integrity!

Patients enter our office with so many questions: Why do I have this pain? Why should I keep coming after I am out of pain? Why do I keep hearing that Chiropractors want me to keep coming back? The Integrity System anticipates these common questions and answers the unknowns before the patient even has time to ask them. We love seeing the look of recognition when we teach the How to Stay Young class; it is like a bunch of puzzle pieces coming together in their minds. We give them the whys and reinforce these ideas throughout the system. This makes it easy for us to focus on their care and coordination.

Overall, the Integrity System has changed the way our patients view doctor’s offices. Gone are the days when a patient walks in and gets treated like a number or a dollar sign. We already knew we had the best staff and doctor around, Integrity has given us the tools we need to relay that message to the world!

Dr. Max Cohen