Integrity Doctors completely redefined what practice means to me and my team. Our purpose in practice is to heal the land through chiropractic care, and what this system does is allow our team to focus the entirety of our energy on that purpose! When a team can rally behind a cohesive system that allows the patient to get well and stay well, the purpose is being achieved. The system also has redefined what being a leader in my practice means because I am able to lead my team to better serve our patients and produce a chiropractic experience unlike anything that they have experienced in other practices. I can not even begin to describe the number of patients who have been to another chiropractor before and as we finish their Report of Findings state that this was the best explanation of what is wrong they have ever received. An educated patient is a wellness patient. Now combine that experience with when your patients come in and talk about their health and their spine, and they begin to walk you through the power of chiropractic in their own words – you can see they “get it” – and that is what we all want. Patient’s who get it! THAT is what Integrity has done for my practice. That is what Integrity has done for my patient care. We are here to serve our patients, to take care of them, to love them and to get them well – and this system has allowed us to do it. The other aspect that the Integrity System has allowed me to do is reproduce me – I know exactly what my team will do. I know exactly how patients will be taken care of. I know exactly the experience patients will get. It has allowed me to magnify my impact and help more people because I know they are getting the right care. We will change the health of our community with our systems.

Dr. Brett Vowles