My personality works the best when I have a goal and purpose to focus on. School and life had been easy for me until I left my Integrity associate position 5 years after graduation and started my own clinic. Then reality set in, the fear of, “could I really succeed on my own?” The first step was a no-brainer, become an Integrity Doctor and create MY focus and purpose. We created my first 5 year plan and struggled each year to finally get there. I would get upset that it took me 5 years when I would hear other clinics reach their goals in 2. Even though it took me 5 years to reach my 5 year goals,, I still hit the mark because of the CONSISTENCY OF PURPOSE. Never wavering on being with Integrity and doing the system because every year we were growing and winning and learning to do it better. So thank you for all the life lessons thus far and what will continue to come through the struggles that will be there. Thank you for the continued growth of my purpose through the purpose driven system Integrity provides.

Dr. Allison Schwartz