Integrity Doctors has been nothing short of amazing. As a student nearing graduation from chiropractic college I knew that I loved treating patients but did not have the business know-how to get there. The last year in school I joined Integrity and have never looked back. They helped me not only put together a business plan, but also helped me with how to approach banks with financing. Two out of the four banks we approached immediately gave us a loan offer! When we had financing in order our next step was to find a location. Integrity Doctors helped us to narrow down the location for our clinic and negotiate the terms of the lease. We signed a 5 year lease on a major road in Northeast Wichita. When we opened our clinic we needed new patients.

Integrity Doctors has an amazing marketing system and by simply following our coaches recommendations and the Integrity system we had over 30 new patients by our 3rd month in practice. We hired a practice representative 6 months into practice and this allowed me to stay in the office helping patients while an employee was out in the community getting new patients for our office. Within 2 years of being open our clinic hit Integrity Elite. Over the next two years we continued to grow as a clinic and help more and more people achieve their health goals. We have continued to use the Integrity System each day in our practice. Overall, I would say that the integrity system is easy to learn but difficult to master. And at this point in care our focus is to continue to master the system each and every day in order that we can get eighty percent of the population under regular chiropractic care.

Last year our clinic had grown to the point that we had outgrown our first location. We still had 2 years left on our lease but we were on mission and realized that we couldn’t help more people unless we had more room. In 2017 we purchased a 5000 square foot building and hired an associate doctor this January. It has been a great experience for me to be able to train a new doctor on the integrity system with the goal of allowing them to one day run a super clinic or to allow them to start their own Integrity clinic. Over the last 5 years we have grown from just me and my wife working to now employing 7 staff members. Our clinic has been helping more people with chiropractic care than I ever expected! I have been following the Integrity system and the results speak for themselves. I am so excited to see what the future holds with our clinic and the Integrity system. We are truly changing the heath of our community and we couldn’t have done it without Integrity Doctors!

Thank you Integrity Doctors!

Dr.Taylor Wilbeck