Our amazing office is due to various things. First off when you walk in the door you are greeted by friendly faces with a warm family welcome. You see when you become a patient you become part of the Darin Chiropractic family. Dr. Darin and the staff get to know you not only as a patient but as a family member. The office has learned so much through Integrity. First and foremost The 12th Principle of Success “There is no such thing as a great life without a GREAT God supporting it. “. Our practice has grown due to Integrity and the systems that have been put in place. With the start of our staff training to the coaching calls for our PR and Doctor. The Integrity conferences are not only fun but all our staff look forward in learning something new to bring back to our practice. At the conferences we have met many other offices and have made network connection so that our PR people can call and brain storm with others. Through Integrity we have implemented How to Stay Young and Screenings in and out of our office. We want all our patients and potential patients to be knowledgeable about Chiropractic care and the importance of taking care of our spines to be able to live a long time. Not just live but to have quality of life. We not only want to get our patients well but also to keep them well. Integrity has taught us that our Core Values set us apart from everyone else. Our office reads these at our office meetings along with Principle’s of Success. Every staff member has a copy of each and learn from them. I believe that our Core Values is exactly what Integrity teaches us. That they are the Crown Jewels, precious Gems of our office. You need all the Core Values to be successful. From Leadership to Chiropractic. You must also have the Passion. I am the office manager and pride myself in hiring people that are passionate about Chiropractic care. People who possess the Core Values we want for our office. Staff that have Integrity and are Responsible. As we learned at the last Conference. We want an office of Eagles. I believe we have that. We are soaring and will continue through Integrity. We Have learned and have implemented our Five Year Plan and are working hard to hit our goals. Integrity has given us the tools to succeed. One of my favorite Principles of Success is #1 it tells us “Paint Your Dream” “I was born with a GREAT dream! It is a God Given Dream! God would never give anyone a mediocre purpose or dream and I am no exception. It is a dream that motivates me! It inspires me! It excites me! It challenges me! I can hardly wait to see it happen! I realize that without this dream – I Perish!” WOW this is so inspirational. Reading this only makes me want to be a better me and reach my dreams. If it has been a while since you have read the Success Principle take the time to sit down a read them. Integrity has given us so many tools to be excited about. The Integrity University with amazing Motivational Audios. I love listening to these. We look forward to opening our Super Clinic and strive to meet that goal. I look forward to everything Integrity has to offer and what is to come. We are Eagles and WE WILL CONTINUE TO SOAR! We are all looking so forward to Conference in August.

Michelle Davis for Dr. Christina Darin