I joined Kats Management in 1994 and did a Quick Start office.  I was scared to do the systems back then but got out of my comfort zone and did them as I was coached.  Our office became successful right away and enjoyed good success for nearly 4 years until I sold the office to move back to MN.  I bought another office that did not follow the systems and got away from Integrity for many years back then.

I have returned to Integrity Doctors but did not really implement the systems fully and it did not experience great growth.  I returned to Integrity Doctors 5 years ago and was asked if this time I would listen and be coachable and follow the systems without question.  I said this time I would.  Wow has it made a difference and given me the tools that I needed to have success and real growth in my office.  I thought I knew what patients needed to hear, but boy was I wrong and was Integrity right.  Patients responded and stay and doing the systems repeatedly has created steady growth over the past 5 years since returning to Integrity.  Last year was our best year ever and this year will be another record year.  Integrity Systems helps me be able to consistently train staff and give them the tools to get consistent results.  The systems allowed me to have success with Associate Doctor for the first time after failing 2 previous times because there were no systems previously to help them be successful.  The Integrity Systems are helping me to fulfill another dream to have multiple offices.  We are about to open our first Super Clinic and I know we can be successful because we are already using the systems with great success and they are repeatable.  Thank you Integrity Doctors for the systems and the success they have helped us create and will have.

Dr. Guy Caspers