I know this sounds like a “Duh” and yet so few people heed the warning! Why?

Bad people always seem to have a good deal. And we LOVE to get a good deal! Bad people are full of good stories – entertaining stories and good deals. Why?

Remember: Since they make stuff up it can be as good as they want it to be!

You Forget: They are bad people! They make a living cheating. I don’t know who said “cheaters never win” – but they are lying! They win all the time! I’ll bet there isn’t one person who is reading this email that doesn’t have SEVERAL examples! What happens? They make stuff up – misrepresent – they are out to cheat you.

Plant this fact on your forehead: Bad people can’t and won’t give you a good deal – they are not capable – you are not going to be the exception – you are going to get hurt! Have you ever heard the expression “wolf in sheep’s clothing?” That is what they are! In Integrity we call them COWS. Have you ever seen the cows on the Chic-fil-A commercials? The cows tell you to “Eat-Mor-Chikin”. Why? they are not looking out for you – they are looking out for them! Saving their own skin! What an AWESOME example! Beware the cows who are selling you something and telling you to do something – not to help you – to help them.

How do you know if they are bad? Listen! They tell stories about things they got away with that on the surface sound kind of neat. Taxes they hedged on. Suing people for some dandy sums. They got out of contracts. Free meals at restaurants because they said the food was bad. Name it, they have usually done it. If you watch them, they don’t usually follow the rules.

What do the stories they tell you mean? Once the fascination of them wears off, it really means you will be the next victim! The next restaurant or the next law suit, so to speak.

They tell you, I have this opportunity that is going to make you a ton of money! Million dollars a month – cash – no paperwork – It’s quick, and it’s easy. No, it’s bull! And the bad guy knows you want his story to be true – so you believe it. I am saying cheats leave clues.

Our problem is – we so want these “good” deals to be true that we will believe it, even when it is obviously a scam!

Examples: There are no billion-dollar industries that will add billions to your practice. There are no hundreds of instant new patients with this new marketing ad. There are no businesses waiting to write you a $2,000 check per “wellness speech.” I can go on and on. You have to WORK the 12 principles – all 12 and work is one of them. It takes time and work and change and a system, etc. Get over it! These are bad people offering you good deals – that don’t exist! And these cows LOVE new doctors and students. Don’t invest with them. Don’t buy something from them. Don’t sell them anything. And don’t ask me how I know this – I have had to lose a lot of money to teach you this “duh”. You will be tempted to think you are an exception – you know it isn’t a good person but this is a good deal – no – it can’t be – good deals can’t come from bad people – it is impossible. You can’t plant wheat and get corn. No matter how good the deal – don’t do a deal with bad people – it is essential.