Before joining Integrity Doctors, I took over an office that was seeing about 180-200 patient visits a week, but they did not really follow a system. They half-way followed another practice management system and relied on the doctor’s outgoing personality. When I bought the office, some patients left to follow the previous doctor, which I expected to happen and we were seeing about 80-100 patient visits a week. We had no system and no direction. I noticed that one of my best buddies from chiropractic school, Kevin Storm, was really successful after only being in practice for about a year. I found out that he was using Integrity Doctors and decided to attend a conference in Dallas. During that conference I knew that this was the system I needed to follow. I really like that Ryan and Keith said that we are not chiropractors, we are business people. The chiropractic stuff was up to me, and they would teach me the business stuff. I was sold.

I struggled at first to adapt to the system because I was used to doing things a certain way and my staff, who worked under the previous doctor, was used to doing those same things. After a little while of trying to implement the system, my staff told me that they were not going to learn a new system and were going to keep doing things the way they were used to. After working with my coach and getting a kick in the butt from my wife, I finally worked up the nerve to let go of staff who had been there 10 and 20 years and start fresh. My wife started working as the office manager, and we hired new staff to implement the Integrity system. We went through a couple chiropractic assistants and practice representatives until we found a great team, all while growing the business along the way.

We are consistently seeing 300 patient visits a week and getting over 100 new patients a month. Last January and February we had 39 new patients combined because we were not using the practice representative system. We now have weeks where we get 39 new patients. It is amazing how well the system has worked and how we are able to change the health of our community. Whenever we are in doubt or not sure what to do about something, I just say “Let’s just follow the system.” It is that easy. One of the most rewarding parts about following the Integrity system is the philanthropic marketing. In just 6 months last year, we raised $12,000 to donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital here in Memphis, TN.

I really don’t know where I would be if I wasn’t following the Integrity system. I had no idea how to do a successful report of findings, how to successfully market and get new patients, or how to even run a business. With the Integrity system they teach you how to do things and more. It is all right there for you to use.


Dr. Philip Berardi