After graduation from Palmer, I was hired as an associate for what appeared to be a successful practice in the Chicago Suburbs. As it turns out, the practice was failing. Worst of all, there were no opportunities to grow or any best practices to be learned.

After leaving the associates position, I struck out on my own as an independent contractor in another office for about fifteen years. This was the beginning of my independence and I had ambitions to grow this business. My practice was very small at the time and a good day was seeing fifteen patients.

I had joined Integrity about six years into my independent contractor business in order to grow the business. Unfortunately, the way the office operated was not a good fit into the program and I didn’t really feel I could implement the system after many attempts. It was discouraging and eventually, I discontinued coaching and going to the conferences. Basically, I became resigned to the size and path of my practice and settled on those numbers. I still managed to continue my education and received my Diplomate in Pediatrics, but did not pursue any real programs to grow.

In 2010, feeling a renewed purpose, I started going back to the conferences. In a January 2011 conference, I heard the testimonies of other doctors who had recently gotten loans and started a practice despite still feeling the effects of the economic downturn. These doctors talked about using Quick Start and said a few words about how it was going. It dawned on me that these people can get loans in this economy and start on this path, then I should try too.

With an even more sense of purpose, I signed up for Quick Start and was on my way to realizing my dream of opening my own office. I was still working three days as an Independent Contractor while going through the process of securing a loan, finding a location, and preparation to open.

I opened my own office May 2, 2011; less than four months of starting the process. I also hit my goal number in less than three weeks, which gave me the confidence that it my practice would succeed with this formula.

The Quick Start system is very detailed and your coach gives you homework assignments in order to advance your goals. It is direct and yields benefits from following it to the letter.

In addition to helping you find your clinic and build it out, Integrity also has all the paperwork to run the office, promotional ideas and how to train staff as well as other elements to fit into your specific clinic.

Now, seven years later, I am now part of the Integrity Elite program because we followed and implemented the program. Integrity grows with you and helps you reach the levels you want to reach.

Most of all, Integrity teaches you to dream as big as you can dream and they help every step of the way. At present, we are looking at the next 2-3 clinics.

Thank you, Integrity.

Dr. Lea A. Cornish