Integrity’s system ensures that every patient, every time, has an amazing experience in our offices. Each step of the system is pointing the patient in the wellness direction with education and reinforcement the patient can understand. All out for 80!

It all starts with the first phone call, when the potential patient calls in and gets a real person smiling on the other end and asking how they can help it immediately puts them at ease. Our dedication to making sure that every new patient gets an appointment as soon as possible means they won’t call the next chiropractor in line just for availability.

The patient then walks in and is greeted with a big smile and a five star welcome, it doesn’t get better than that! The welcome video introduces the basic concepts of chiropractic and plants the seeds for the patient to be thinking about more than just the pain they walked in with. Personal, caring consultation with the doctor begins building the doctor patient relationship, and a full exam shows the patient that not only do we care, but we know what we’re doing and we are going to investigate their problem, diagnosis it correctly, and treat it effectively.

The report of findings perfectly explains to the patient exactly what they want to know. What is the problem, how did it get there, can we fix it, and how long it will take to fix it. By presenting the patient with information regarding childhood injuries, the entire nervous system, and touching on wellness, we’re continuously watering the seeds we planted in the original video- chiropractic is more than neck or back pain! Chiropractic is a way of life, a better lifestyle, and if we’re completely honest, absolutely essential to their health and wellbeing.

The Integrity Wellness reports anticipate the patient’s concerns or questions and answers them before they even ask.   We always find ourselves repeating aspects of the progress reports to the patient during the course of their care. I think I say, “it stinks and we don’t want to talk about it, but healing and wellness takes TIME” approximately 20 times a day! When I feel like I’m a broken record I always remember Keith saying “11 times, it takes 11 times of saying something for people to really hear it”.   I also constantly hear Keith’s voice saying “I don’t care what you think, this is for the patients” when I’m feeling self conscious about discussing things in laymen’s terms instead of fancy doctor speak (that they don’t understand anyway!).

From talking about time, to reinforcing stabilization, to the big picture of mobility coupled with the Destination Wellness video we’ve doubled our wellness practice over the past few years to 30+%, we’re not quite at 80%, but getting there!

I can’t even begin to describe the overall effect of Integrity on patient care and our personal happiness. I remember coming out of practice and even with a great mentor, I was constantly second guessing myself, spending hours at night worrying about patients because I didn’t know at what point they should feel better, and I didn’t really understand the concept of time myself. With Integrity’s system we don’t have intense decision making every visit, and it removes the “confrontation” aspect of each patient interaction. Now it’s a very simple: Here’s where we expect you to be and you are, great! Or if not, this is why and this is what we do about it.   Happy productive doctors makes for happy patients and a happy practice!

The system allows us to not only run multiple offices, but to teach upcoming Doctors of Chiropractic to run a successful practice. This enables us to reach more patients, teach more people about wellness care, and reach the 80%!

Thanks for everything!

Dr. Mike & Dr. Jenna Ennis