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Hi! I’m Jackie Akerson and I’m the Director of Student Relations for Integrity Doctors. After working for a chiropractic college the first 13 years of my career, I have spent the last 5+ years working with chiropractic students or new DC’s helping to connect them with successful chiropractors and/or find associate positions. And for those who decide to start their own practice, I can help with that path as well.

My husband is a chiropractor so I got to see his experience first hand as a student, an associate doctor, and now as a business owner. I like to think that this helps me relate to students/new docs no matter where they are in the process.

I work FOR THE STUDENTS and nothing makes me happier than helping to find that perfect fit! 😊 Please feel free to reach out via email.

I look forward to connecting!

Jackie Akerson

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Chiropractic Business Tips For Students

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Keep Your Word

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Advertise A Lot!

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