If I could explain what Integrity Doctors has given us in one word, it would be: FREEDOM. Having a system in place to help generate new patients, retain current patients, and train staff is priceless. The Integrity System teaches you how to properly manage the business, so you can use the skills you were taught to best heal your patients naturally through Chiropractic Care.

We started with Integrity Doctors in our 9th out of 10 trimesters in Chiropractic School. Tyler and I were newly married, expecting a baby, moving, and starting practice with two sets of student loans. There was not room for error or failure, so we chose Integrity Doctors. On our opening day of practice, we had 5 patients on our schedule that day (New Patients!). We weren’t waiting for patients to come to us, we were able to show our community from the beginning how important chiropractic is.

We have also been able to make a huge impact on our community through philanthropic marketing which was introduced to us by Integrity Doctors. In our first 2 years of practice, we gave over $10,000 back to our amazing community. Pittsburg, Kansas is full of amazing people and opportunities; we don’t just want to succeed in this community, we want the WHOLE community to thrive!

Tyler and I know that we have truly been blessed in this life. We have also worked hard to get where we are now and can say that with the help of Integrity Doctors, our work is paying off. We are not slaves to our office or our work. We work for our Dream, so working really is our passion. It is amazing to leave for work and know that we will impact lives; we will make a difference in our patients and the community- everyday! That, that is a dream job.

Dr. Kayla Riggs