When it is time to get started in practice – where should you go first to get new patients? Well, remember this: Leaders multiply your practice and followers add to your practice. Examples would be a pastor, a school principal, or a police chief. A business owner or manager, the Mayor, a Senator, or a school board member. A Disc Jockey or a Gym owner. Bank Officers. These are leaders because they INFLUENCE a lot of people.

Schmooze – meet leaders. Leaders multiply, followers add. whether you are in a small town or a city – all communities have STARS!

B.J. is another great example of this essential! You remember he had a deal that celebrities could be treated for free no matter where they were in the country and if that chiropractor wouldn’t do it – HE would pay for it! This man knew the importance of having these celebs as fans of chiropractic because they have the ability to influence thousands to become chiropractic patients. You can do the same thing. All communities have their own stars.

Another interesting example: The guy who did the tattoos for Colin Kaepernick – the San Francisco 49ers quarterback. Now he is in demand everywhere. If the same tattoos were on a “normal” person it would have been one satisfied customer. But because his tattoos are on the quarterback of the 49ers – he is a leader who influenced a lot of people and now his tattoos are on thousands!

Make the LEADERS of your community YOUR fans – just like B.J.!