At ProActive Chiropractic, P.C., we are grateful and thankful for the Integrity system! The Integrity system of patient education has allowed our team of doctors and staff to effectively communicate with patients the importance of chiropractic care for their current condition and also for their future wellness. We are all able to share the same message and know it will be delivered concisely, clearly, and in a way the patient understands. The Integrity System allows us to stay on purpose—on mission to change the health of Arnold and surrounding communities. We have seen our wellness patient visits grow each month with focus on making sure patients are hearing each step—the Right Place Promise, New Patient video, How to Stay Young Class, Report of Findings, the three wellness reports, and the wellness video.

As we utilize the Integrity System for New Patient Acquisition, we are thrilled to have generated $11,700 for two fantastic organizations in our community in the first 6 months of 2018—Bay of Naples Splash Zone at Kade’s Playground and Helping Hands and Horses. Both of these organizations help children and adults with disabilities, and we are excited to have made an impact. Our patients couldn’t be happier to see our office making a difference, and we have received recognition in the community—from readers in the newspaper commenting on how they are thankful for good news and from the Arnold and Herculaneum Mayors and also our Missouri State Representative. Our Practice Representatives can confidently present Lunch and Learns at businesses and organizations, attend health fairs, address sports teams, and create events knowing they are consistently sharing health and wellness information that people are wanting and craving. They are able to change lives by signing up new patient consult and examinations when these patients might not even have considered going to a chiropractor for their conditions. I think of Amy who one of our Practice Representatives met at a local gym. She has rheumatoid arthritis and was having to take more and more frequent infusions just to be able to move. Her quality of life was not what she wanted. She came in and we followed the Integrity system—she was amazed by the adjustment! Now, after completing her treatment plan and doing wellness adjustments over the past 3 years, she still takes infusion, but she isn’t begging for the next one. Her rheumatologist has been amazed that she hasn’t progressed further with the disfigurement in her hands. She has referred in family members who are wellness patients also. If our Practice Representative wouldn’t have been at the gym that day, Amy would have never been helped. Too bad we can’t have “It’s A Wonderful Life” Experiences. However, instead of seeing what would have happened to the people George Bailey wasn’t there to help, we would get to see what would happen to people if they didn’t receive an adjustment—if they didn’t receive chiropractic care. I think it would be staggering! We look forward to meeting and helping numerous other people in our community who haven’t experienced chiropractic care before and sharing with them the Integrity education system so they can choose lifetime chiropractic wellness!

Dr. Lynette Mayfield
Arnold, Missouri