Integrity Doctors has impacted our practice in many ways. Our goal is to reach 80 % of the population with quality chiropractic care. Integrity Doctors has given us the guidance and systems set in place to help us reach that goal. My wife, Dr. Kimberly Taylor, and myself have been with Integrity Doctors since early 2014 and couldn’t be where we are at professionally or personally without their assistance.

Our practice has grown over the 4 years simply because we are implementing the Integrity systems to see new patients, get them out of pain and into wellness care. To reach the 80%, we both know we cannot do it by ourselves. We must have help in getting this done. We are reaching out to other chiropractors and chiropractic students to make them Integrity Doctors associates and to get them into Super Clinics to reach the areas that we cannot.

Its really a blessing to think where we were before we joined Integrity Doctors and where we are today. Before we joined, we were bankrupt, lost and confused in what direction we were headed. With the help of our coach, Pamela Johnson and the inspiration of Keith and Ryan Maule and the entire Integrity Doctors’ team we are blessing others through the blessings we have received.

They have taught us the 12 principles of success. We first had to paint our dream and then plan it out with a 5-year plan. Now we love the dream God has placed in our hearts. We also know that we must change for the dream, to work the dream and to think successful so we can help inspire others to reach their dreams as well. We had to be coachable as well and do all the Integrity Doctors’ system all the time. We had to stay on purpose and not be distracted by outside forces that are trying to stop us from reaching our dreams. As our finances have grown, we also must be financial responsible and use God’s wisdom to be good stewards with the blessings God has given us because everything begins with God.

Thank you, Integrity Doctors, for coaching us and leading us and inspiring us to become the chiropractors God has intended us to be and to help others reach their dreams and to reach the 80% to improve the healthcare of our town, state, nation and the world.

Dr. Jason Taylor