I joined Integrity Doctors in 1994 and cannot imagine where my chiropractic practice would be without their consulting and guidance. There were times early and still today that I question some of the practice management techniques that taught. However, I do not fight what is taught I adopt it and implement it immediately. Of course, we are not perfect at every piece of the system, but we continue to work on our weaknesses and build on our strengths.

It has impacted our patient care because it provides our team with a system that helps to educate the patients on the importance of chiropractic for their present and future health.   Without this structured system, I could not imagine how and what I would say to patients to ensure their acceptance of care from the beginning on through to their wellness care. Each piece of the Integrity System helps move the patient further along in their care to the ultimate goal of wellness. And by having a practice with a basis in wellness care, we become less dependent on the ups and downs with new patients. For example, now when we have a slower new patient month our overall patient visits are hardly impacted. Then when we do have an excellent new patient month we know we are likely to break records in patient visits.

Integrity has also had an important impact on patient care by making the financial side of practice easier. They have taught me to recommend the care the patient needs regardless of any pre-conceived notion of the patient’s ability to pay. It has given my team the guidance and confidence to present our office’s financial policy to the patient so they understand their responsibility and so they will pay. Integrity has also provided us with a system to insure we are paid for the services we provide. Thus, ensuring we make a healthy profit so our practice will continue to grow and prosper, which allows us to help even more patients. And because of the success my practice has had and continues to have, it has provided for a wonderful, less financially stressful life for my family. There is nothing that makes me happier than being able to provide and slightly spoil my kids, including paying for all of their college.

When you have the Integrity System in place and have a team that is well trained in the system, it makes everyday at practice so much easier. There isn’t the constant question of what we do with this patient today and where are they in their care and when will be their next appointment, etc. I cannot imagine having a practice without structure, it would be exhausting.

As an Integrity Dream Maker, I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of chiropractors across the country and there has always been one thing in common with those practices that have succeeded and grown. That common denominator is they immersed themselves in everything Integrity taught and implemented the entire Integrity System ASAP. They did not fight the system, they made all the changes needed and then watched their practice soar!

Dr. John Lehrer