Hi! I’m Dr. Rice with Shiloh Chiropractic. The Integrity Doctors System has impacted my patient care in many ways. Before I discuss that, I’d like to rewind and take you back to how I got into chiropractic. At the very young age of 10, I began an interest in the world of medicine! I decided I wanted to be a doctor to help people – a common story with young kids! I poured over the books my mom would bring home from yard sales and Libraries. However, at that time, I didn’t know there was such a thing as Chiropractic. It wasn’t until I was fourteen that I discovered chiropractic was a profession and was distinct in that it offered no surgery or medications but instead treated the human body with manual adjustments made to the spine. I learned that at the age of fourteen when I heard a chiropractor speak at my high school job fair. From that very-pivotal point in my life, I was laser-focused on becoming a chiropractor. I worked hard at school to get good grades and even got a job at 16 so that I could save up for college. At my job, I learned the value of strong customer service, hard work, being loyal, dependable, and responsible.

I enrolled in pre-med and then eventually into Logan College of Chiropractic where I started to chisel myself into being the best chiropractor I could become. I had the mission to be a master diagnostician and a skillful adjusting machine. I took advantage of learning every aspect I could think of to make me a successful chiropractor and a valuable member of the world of healthcare. Then, one day the realization came to me when I was about 80% through with school: my hard work for the last 10 years – though very helpful in my quest to reaching my goals of being an amazing chiropractor – would do me zero good if I wasn’t able to make it in practice. The feeling was that of freefalling with a thousand-pound anchor tied to my feet. Never had I had such a sense of fear. I knew that I could be an amazing chiropractor and broke to the point of not being able to pay my student loans and bills that I would have in practice if I didn’t learn how to run a business. This was a scary thought with only a year to go before the real world kicked in and student loans stopped being given and started demanding to be paid.

I immediately started looking toward several “practice management” groups. The concept wasn’t a foreign one. If you went to any homecoming, you were inundated with companies that promised to make you the top chiropractor with six or seven figures in just a few short years. The problem was simple: Logic. If it worked, there would be no way that they could stay a secret. Why then were so many chiropractors struggling? Didn’t the chiropractors who joined those groups want their colleagues to succeed and do well? Why wouldn’t they share that with the world? Well, at this time, there was one company – just one – that had such a reputation where other doctors were boasting success. It started as a whisper but when I opened my ears, I heard more and more people talking about the same company: Integrity Doctors. So, as a trimester-eight student, I decided to take them up on their offer from a flier to visit one of their seminars at no charge to me. It was great! At worst, I would have a free weekend getaway to Kansas City! What I found at that seminar was that there were a lot of doctors – A LOT! And they all had an amazing comradery about them. They all were talking, smiling, and sharing stories. The doctors who stood up on the stage weren’t preaching success – they were reporting theirs. They reported that just by following the system, they were able to live their purpose as a chiropractor AND make an excellent living. I talked to a couple of students and several doctors and everyone was kind. I made the decision then that I would start with Integrity and I joined as a trimester 9 student.

My coach was amazing and held my hand through every step of the way to ensure I was licensed, credentialed, had a space to lease and practice from, and that I was able to open. She made sure that when I opened that I had patients. And in my first month in practice, I already was seeing double the number of new patients than some of the seasoned chiropractors who had been practicing for over a decade in my city. When talking about how Integrity impacted my patient care, it’s very simple. Without having joined Integrity, I would have likely started a practice and would have barely gotten by – seeing only the minimum number of patients and making only a minimal difference in the world. However, with following the system, I have been able to grow substantially and consistently. I learned how to get new patients (thereby increasing the number of lives I could impact with superior patient care) and learned a system of keeping them well. Not only do patients get treated for pain, but their care is impacted in such a way that they choose chiropractic first and chiropractic for life because the system gets them through care so that they reach their optimum potential. They share these benefits with their friends, family, loved ones, coworkers, and fellow churchgoers.

The Integrity Doctors system has impacted patient care in the best way possible – by helping me to spread the benefits of chiropractic beyond the narrow pain-relief box that they perceive and into the wellness model they crave. It has also helped me to spread the same benefits much further to an immeasurably-larger and diverse group of people. For this, I am grateful for my purpose!

Dr. Rob Rice