Integrity is the trait of being an honest individual and having strong moral standards. Integrity Doctors is a valuable system that allows chiropractors around the country to build their own business of chiropractic care and are held to a high standard. This system is a mixture of different procedures and organization skills that will aid in the clinics ability to run as efficiently as possible. This organization has supported our practice, Perfect Chiropractic, in numerous ways. This system allows our office to communicate with patients in a positive manner and enables efficiency. It more importantly holds us to a high standard of running an honest business that gives back to the community. 

The definition of Integrity says it all. With every new patient we have come into the office, we give back to the community. With our New Patient Promotion our office donates the forty-dollar new patient fee to a selected charity of the month. We have already been given the opportunity to help children receive meals over the summer as well as raise money for high-kill animal shelters to construct more housing. There are limitless options on who we can help, and what we can do with Integrity. There is a sense of pride that resides in the staff of Perfect Chiropractic knowing that we have the opportunity to support these charities. It’s our way of promoting humanity and well-being to all. Patients are helping themselves by setting a course to good health and donating to a charity at the same time! It doesn’t get any better than that. 

The scripts that Integrity Doctors offers are crucial for effective and consistent communications between the patients and the staff. Not only do the scripts allow the employee to comfortably converse with patients, it also allows them to learn the true meaning of what they are saying, and why they are saying it. The financials script helps us to thoroughly explain payments with the client in a respectable and professional manner. The How to Stay Young script helps us educate society about chiropractic in a way that is relatable and understandable. The report of findings script allows the doctor to explain in detail how WE can help the patient get on track to better health. Getting new patients is the goal, but why not educate at the same time? 

Organization is a huge part of running an office efficiently to get the results our patients desire. Using the Integrity Doctors system allows us to have strict habits in our office, thus making our office well-trained. When all the staff and doctors are on the same page, we get more done. After listening to inspiring and motivational audios, the office has the same mindset. We all want the same thing. We want to help more people achieve better health! When patients come in they can see that we all have the same goals, which is to reach pain relief, and a more positive lifestyle.
Perfect Chiropractic is grateful to have Integrity Doctors as a system to rely on. We know that we will constantly learn new ways to help improve not only our workplace, but us as people. Using Integrity Doctors will allow us to meet our goals. We want to share our passion for chiropractic, help others, and most importantly educate! Integrity has definitely helped nurture a positive environment and a growing business. It allows us to give back to the community, communicate professionally with clients, and helps keep our office in order. What more can you ask for? Perfect Chiropractic is thankful for Integrity Doctors and all those within it who make this possible. 

Dr. Alan Fredericks