Our office started from scratch with very little knowledge of statistics and systems of how to properly run our chiropractic office. I was comfortable charging patients as little as possible to help them get the care that they needed, while my family was on food stamps and Medicaid. This was even when I knew that the patient was driving one of their 3 cars that they owned that each were 3 times more expensive than my families one car. It was with the proper guidance of my coach in Integrity management that I found the right audios to listen to and the right steps to take to overcome my poverty complex and my sense of entitlement that I was a doctor and that people should just walk in more door all the time. I was taught how to go out into the world and earn my patients through education and public appearances. I had earned a new lease on life in my practice and my dream.

Since beginning with Integrity management, we have made many changes for the better. The systems that we have infused into our practice have simplified the processes that we were already using. Our patients have found that the process is simpler to keep them on track and maintaining their health. I have added several steps in my patient engagement that have been critical to their success. I have changed my whole outlook on how my patients are to be cared for so that they have greater success with not only our office, but also with chiropractic as a whole. Our patients are having greater success and are readily able to share their great experiences with friends, family and the internet world.

I have been gaining great leaps and bounds in our wellness patient base while using the multiple reports of progress over the time of their treatment plans and ending with the wellness presentation video at the end. Patients have been able to learn the ideas of time and repetition in easy to follow chats that I have with them before each re-exam. Our patients are easily engaged into learning to stay the course for the better outcomes in their lives. My delivery for the reports of findings and the re-exam outcome reports have been easier for them to digest and easier for me to keep up with by hammering the message home about a need for the wellness care that they deserve. Patients have responded in a very positive way! We have increased our wellness patient base by an astounding 500% in the last 6 months!

It is through the guidance of our coach and the systems instilled into our office by Integrity management that our office has been brought back to the cusp of elite status in every way. We are finding more and more people are not only improving with their care, but also openly telling all of their friends and families about our office and the great care that they receive here. We are very glad that we made the leap to join the doctors of Integrity management.

Drs. Christopher and Diane Hayes