N8 Family Chiropractic has had passion and a focus on wellness Chiropractic care from the very start. “Lifetime, referring, wellness patients” has been our motto for 20 years. The Integrity system has bolstered that wellness message and given us the tools to plant the seed of wellness from the very beginning of each patients care. We have the privilege of seeing how awesome and powerful the Chiropractic adjustment is and how it can change lives. It never gets old seeing the  excitement and light return to a patient’s eyes when they feel the relief from pain and are able to get back to the things they love to do. The dream of seeing 80% of our community experience better health is a huge driving force in our practice.  The Integrity system has challenged us to be better Chiropractors, better staff and better people using its fundamental success principles. Change is hard. Sometimes people are not loveable. Sometimes we lose sight of our dream. It is hard to be coachable. Success isn’t easy, it takes work. Pushing us as individuals and as a practice to change, to love, to remember our dream, to be coachable is what makes us successful. We have taken the phrase “Change for it” to heart over the last 12-18 months. It started with a big dream and a strong purpose; to change healthcare in our community. In this relatively short period of time we have grown from three doctors, to eight! We have expanded our weekly hours from around 50 hours to over 70 hours. We have began working on a super clinic that is set to open in a few short months and have continued to search for more opportunities. We have gotten all of our doctors under coaching and added a practice representative. Why? Because our community needs quality Chiropractic care! We have challenged each of our Super Doctors to be leaders in the clinic, giving them more responsibility and higher expectations. We are constantly pushing our staff to greater heights, working to refine and polish our execution of the Integrity System each day. We have made each conference a priority because it allows us to plug in and recharge our excitement and our focus.  But it is not about us, it is about our patients. Without our patients, Chiropractic would not be able to change the health of our community. Integrity has challenged us to ask “Is this about what the patients need or what I want?”, “Does this improve the patients care and outcome, or is this about my own convenience?” Asking questions like these challenges our view of reality and keeps us honest and accountable. We care about the patient experience. We want our office to be THE place to get Chiropractic care in our community. We want our doctors to be THE experts on wellness. Integrity renews our vision on what Chiropractic can be and gives us the tools to take Chiropractic care to a new level. 2018 is our year to SOAR!

Dr. Debbie Hamilton