This is perhaps the easiest essential and yet it may be the least used by the population! Why do we have to learn stuff on our own? Can we learn BEFORE we get hurt? Why not go ahead and let everybody else be the guinea pig? Must we keep inventing a wheel that has already been invented? It is really the whole premise of Integrity Doctors. Every DC should be an Integrity Doctor. You avoid almost all business mistakes simply by watching somebody else botch it up first! What a great decision you make going with Integrity so you learn from others mistakes! And you also learn from their successes!

A golfer has an advantage when somebody else is making the same putt he will be making – let them go first and watch his putt and see what it does! It’s like copying off somebody else’s paper on a test, with the permission of the teacher! And it’s even better because now you know it’s the right answer! You get to learn from others success!

Can you see how this works for you? We have practices that go above and beyond any practices in the profession. Your advantage is you can watch them “putt” and then do the same thing! That is the Edge! You are not the exception! You NEED to know what REALLY works and if you do it on your own WILL get hurt – or burned – or knocked out! This is a dangerous and slippery slope. Watch the Edge videos – read the essentials – come to The Integrity Edge events – It will save you more than money!

I can’t help but tremble when I see some of you “disagree” with an essential. Rats! Please don’t – it isn’t a debate – I wish these were wrong! You will get hurt. Many of the lessons you might “yawn” through, I had to pay tens of thousands of dollars or more to learn. Sometimes I will say one line from one of these slides and you already know it so you make a trip to the bathroom or talk to others out in the hallway. Of course you can – but look out – you are missing an essential. Every day, every hour, in these classes can save you a lifetime of mistakes! The Integrity Edge empowers you to accomplish this business Essential: Learn from others mistakes and successes!