How has the Integrity system impacted our practice’s patient care?

By allowing us to know a way…there is a solid “way” that is defined and structured and that keeps us all moving in the same direction. It allows us all to do the same thing and allows me to teach new doctors how to jump into patient care much faster than if we had no system.  The system to me is defined as “what we do with patients”.

The system keeps us focused. It keeps us following along in the tracking report to do what the patients need to keep them on their plan to stay on wellness. It allows for education and repeating this education so the messages get engrained enough for them to get chiropractic care for the rest of their days. It keeps us from sending messages that are unnecessary and therefore saves the patient confusion and wasted energy that can be spent on patients.

The system allows us to have all our doctors to go through our patients care in a similar manner. It allows patients to have a better understanding of where they are going…wellness. The patients are not being told something by one doctor and something else by another doctor in our tandem practice. As the managing owner of the practice it allows me to train new doctors and know what they will be doing each day. It allows me the opportunity to be out of the office when necessary. It allows patients to have expanded hours of care because our doctors work different hours. I personally could not be there 7-7 every day but patients can see the other doctors with the same expectations.

It has allowed us to see more patients as a whole group of practices because I can manage our superclinics because I know what they are doing without being there. The tracking and statistics help me know what procedures are being done and not being done perfectly. I can see what stats are slumping and what training with employees and doctors needs done. It helps me lead our team and makes it possible for me to help MORE patients because I am insuring their care indirectly.

Dr. Traci Nelson-Johnson