The Integrity System has impacted our patient care greatly at The Carlson Clinic in White Bear Lake, allowing our team to easily take patient care to the next level. Our office uses a multi-doctor treatment style where one patient is not assigned to a specific doctor. We have found by keeping our clinic fully staffed throughout the week, the patient is easily able to make it in for their appointments. By giving us tools to keep the patient on the right track, the doctors are able to see a patient for all or part of their treatment plan and be ready to anticipate the next stage of care efficiently.

The amount of education and time spent with the patient on the first and second appointments are aspects that set Integrity Doctors apart from the rest. At our clinic we aren’t simply spending more time for the sake of spending time; we realize our patient’s time is precious, and we want to respect their schedule. We use the Integrity System to be efficient and specific with education on the first and second visits when so many questions need to be answered. The patient leaves having a knowledge of chiropractic, the adjustment, the process, and the expectations. Having the Integrity system in place allows each member of our team to have anticipated the patient’s concerns and questions before they must ask, making our clinic a comfortable place for them to return.

Part of the Integrity system is keeping track of patients- the scoreboard! By having a scoreboard that we review daily, our team can stay on top of patient’s cases and be ready to anticipate the next move for them, whether they need an exam, the “How to Stay Young” class, more visits, or need to be scheduled for an appointment to move them to wellness. Without the scoreboard, I don’t know where we would be! I’m sure our patient retention would be much lower, I’m sure exams would be missed, and patients would be dropping out of care.

Integrity cares about the success of the practice; they know that to have success in the office, you need to have team members who are passionate about the purpose and mission behind the daily tasks. Integrity does an excellent job of keeping us refreshed as to the why behind the what. We are routinely encouraged to think about why we chose this profession and why our purpose is to get 80% of the population to wellness. Integrity attracts people who want to make a difference in healthcare in the community and beyond.

The Integrity system encourages its members to “Be Coachable!” At our clinic our associates have phone calls with their coach every two weeks. The coaching calls encourage the doctors to stay on top of their skills to better educate and help the patients throughout the treatment plan and beyond.   By having a coach keep our doctors accountable, we can achieve higher standards of care and get better results in patient care.

Dr. Dustin Carlson