If you would have asked us years ago when we joined the Integrity Family about needing a system, we may have rolled our eyes. However, once we got past the “are you coachable” and truly opened ourselves up to the coaching, the lessons, and the principals then great steps of achievement followed.

Dr. Mary Watkins and Watkins Total Healthcare is celebrating 31 years of serving the Hall County community. Our focus has always been “PATIENTS ARE NUMBER ONE!”. We promote gentle chiropractic with exceptional care – hand delivered. We’ve been voted the #1 Chiropractor 3 consecutive years (’16, ’17, ‘18), and we believe the Integrity philosophy, protocols, and ability to “soar” have had a huge impact on our business.

Twice a month, our couch Gloria reminds of how great a gift we have to give. Her coaching supports the philosophy that if we practice what Integrity Doctors teach and we enact the success principles then our success will only build and grow stronger. Gloria’s unwavering attention to detail has us focusing on more than just the present; she has us checking on patients who started months ago to make sure the patient and the practice is soaring.

Our staff is exceptional and we believe in the on-going training and re-training that Integrity promotes. We’ve found the roll playing brings new light to what we do each and every day. We believe fun is essential and loving the “career” path we’ve chosen plays a huge part in our on-going success. When the patients feel the positive thinking and are shown we sincerely care, the healing process has already begun.

We believe in being inspiring, excited, and living what we dream. We know our PLAN drives us, and our team is open to the creativity needed to succeed. Dr. Watkins and her entire staff LOVE what they do. Experiencing the impact Integrity Coaching can have on a clinic, we’ve learned to adjust the way we think for our dream. We strive to surround ourselves with the right people, those willing to listen, learn, and change.

It would be shortsighted to think success can happen without working at it. Integrity provides the blueprint to guide us in implementing our success. Thanks to Integrity, we think success and are inspired to both look and feel good about what we do. All anyone needs to do is observe and listen to Dr. Watkins talk about healing, wellness, quality of life, and her love for her patients to see the dedication for improving the health of the community.

When we talk about empowerment, success, and love for chiropractic care it is hard to not notice the miracles we see each and every day. Integrity has shown us how to be coachable and how to change. Integrity has “changed” the way we think in order to thrive. It is hard not to have a solid purpose and a strong belief with that type of support Integrity offers Watkins Total Healthcare.

Dr. Mary Watkins