Before I joined Integrity, I had been in practice for approximately 10 years. I did not follow a system regarding patient management and did not spend time educating my patients-I simply adjusted them. Once they were relieved of their symptoms, I would encourage them to continue to come for maintenance care, but less that 10% of my patients actually followed through with my advice. As soon as they were out of pain, they were gone. I also did not do advance multiple scheduling. After every visit, I would have to tell them when I wanted them to come back.

Since I began using the Integrity System, my practice volume has doubled. I am now educating patients with the Report of Findings, the How to Stay Young Class and the three wellness reports. And although it seemed like a lot to learn, I have found that once I had the scripts down, it did not require a significant amount of extra time to incorporate these procedures in a given workday.

Because I am educating patients, I now have several patients prescheduled for wellness care (paying cash) for the next year. I would have never dreamed of this previously. Also, because I am utilizing advance multiple scheduling, patients already know how many visits they can expect up front, they prioritize their appointments over other daily activities, I don’t have to tell them when I want them back after every single visit, and the front desk does not have to schedule a new appointment every single time they check out. It makes practice so much easier.

But I think the biggest impact that the Integrity System has made on my practice is the How To Stay Young Class. With very few exceptions, when a patient brings a family member to the class, they become patients. What this class does for the patient is it teaches them the importance of Chiropractic and how it is essential to maintaining their future mobility, much like dentists maintain the health of our teeth. It makes them want to continue with Chiropractic Care-it is the obvious choice.

On top of all of this, I (and my staff) absolutely love the Integrity Conferences. Keith and Ryan do a fantastic job of not only explaining the importance of following the Integrity System, but also keeping us excited about Chiropractic and helping us to remember our goal as Integrity Doctors: to help 80% of our country with wellness Chiropractic care, getting them off of their drugs and out of pain and helping them live a life of mobility and freedom.

Dr. Jacob Zika