I considered doing a straight forward, MY PERSPECTIVE essay and decided there is another way. I decided to get MY TEAM’S PERSPECTIVE on how the Integrity system impacts patient care in our office.

Amy’s perspective – 4 years

I believe the way we explain the financial policy puts the patients mind at ease. Insurance can be very complicated. The way we sit down and answer all the questions they may have I know helps them stay on the Tx plan so they can get to WELLNESS!

Ashley’s perspective – 7 mos
I feel like the Right Place Promise makes a huge impact on patient care and the way the patient feels when they are in our office. It sets us apart from other offices because it makes the patient feel like the entire office cares about what they are going through and getting them on the road to wellness instead of just the doctors.

Mallory’s perspective / story – 1 year
I recently went to a new dentist’s office. I walked in and looked around for they had a fairly larger waiting room then we do. I walked up to the front desk, there was the receptionist typing away. I stood there, put away my sunglasses and put on my other glasses, and still she hadn’t looked up or acknowledged me. I’m just standing there looking around awkwardly waiting for someone to say something to me.

A couple more moments and she said, “What are you here for?” I said “I’m the new patient” She came back with, “Oh, you’re Mallory, I saw you already filled out your new patient paperwork online, can I get your picture?” Then she told me to have a seat, and someone would come get me.

That was the only interaction we had, no hello, welcome to the office, nothing. I felt like just another number to them.

What I have learned with Integrity is that we treat anyone and everyone like our family. We welcome all with a smile, how are you, how’s the family. They aren’t just another deli ticket to us, they’re why we’re here. To help them live their best life, that they’re not alone in this. It really makes our patients feel at home and ease when we take the time to talk listen to them and get to know them. This day in age, everyone is go go go, but to have a minute or two to chat is really lovely. It means a lot to the patients that we remember a birthday or a big trip they’re going on. Not only getting to know them, but they also get to know us as well. It’s a sense of community, our community.

Sam’s perspective – 5 years

Integrity has the only tools in the industry to move patients to wellness. With the How To Stay Young and Progress exams 1,2 and 3. The How To Stay Young presentation educates the patient about their pain and why they are having the pain. All of the explanation in layman’s terms and showing analogies that are easy to understand and relate to keeps it interesting for the patient. It also plants the seed for wellness and why they need wellness for life.

Progress exams 1,2 and 3 educates the patient and allows the doctors to move the patients from active into wellness care all the while continuing to educate the patients the importance of wellness and as to why wellness is what they want and need for life.

Dr. Handley – 1 year

The Integrity System and more important it’s philosophy of, “all out for 80%,” creates a culture of no patient left behind.  It combines a doctor’s passion for patients and chiropractic with the tools to educate patients to view their well-being as a long-term plan rather than a pill for every ill / an inconvenience requiring palliative care / cycle of crises.

Dr. Strouf – 13 years

The Integrity system impacts our patient care multifold. From making them feel welcome to educating them why they need to come in multiple time and why they need to continue care to wellness. They become family due to learning the importance of listening to the patient from the front desk and all the way through their treatment plan and into wellness. Moving our patients through their treatment plan, from the Report of Findings to the How To Stay Young and the 3 wellness reports changes patients’ lives and their perspective of what chiropractic care should be. To work in the Integrity system is to have your perspective of patient care forever be changed for the BETTER AWESOME!!!

Dr. Kristine Strouf, associates and staff
Kansas City, Missouri