I joined Integrity as a student at Logan College of Chiropractic and what that prepared me for was nothing short of amazing. In school, we learn to be physicians, not business people. Through Integrity’s Quickstart program, I was able to get my office open right out of school. Not that things were easy, but I had a plan and I had a coach! This allowed me to start seeing patients right away and improving the health of my community right off the bat.

My practice continued to grow and at about 18 months, we hit Integrity Elite status. We were able to travel to the CEO Keith’s home and hear how to plan our finances for the future. The amazing thing about that was that through being inspired and following the Integrity systems, in just over a year in practice, we were helping quadruple or more what my fellow peers were that graduated with me! Rather than patients just getting out of pain and quitting, they were sticking through and becoming wellness patients! They were referring in their family too.

Over the next couple of years, we saw continued growth and then needed a larger space. The great thing was, I had a coach to again walk me through this process. We were able to work out a great deal with my current landlord to find a larger space, have them build it out partially, and make room to help more people. This would have never happened without following Integrity systems. Through listening to my coach and doing the systems right, we were able to jump up to a 3,000 sq ft space and help more people in our community.

Our journey continues now as we’ve just added two more built in rooms into our rehab area. Filling the “void” from rehab equipment to what people need most, adjustments! People are loving our new rooms and not having to sit in the waiting room as long to be placed in those rooms. We also were able, through the Integrity pediatric systems, to add a pediatric room that’s jungle themed which kids absolutely love! There are vines hanging from the ceiling, a tiger themed table and many jungle animals they can find while in the room. Integrity’s pediatric systems including their pediatric video and report of findings allows us to better serve our community by providing quality care to not only the adults, but their children as well!

Our next phase of helping our community through Integrity systems will come in the form of super clinics. Unfortunately, my very first experience with a chiropractor was in high school. I went with my then friend (who I married later!) because she fell in cheerleading. The office was dirty, out dated, and in her words, “creepy.” The doctor did not perform an exam, there was no education, just adjusted her and sent her on her way. She was horrified and was very sore afterward, so neither of us ever wanted to see a chiropractor again. Luckily, through Integrity’s new “super clinic” model, we will start to buy practices like these. We will put our amazing staff and doctors in them, using the Integrity system, and will help so many more people in other communities as well as our own. We will change the health of our world using Integrity Doctors!

Dr. Daniel Roach
Lake St. Louis, Missouri