ATTENTION CHIROPRACTORS: Integrity Management Means Being Educated About National Healthcare – Do you KNOW what the Patient Protection And Affordable Healthcare Act says and how it applies to chiropractic care? Have you read it? Do you want to? It is thousands of pages long and still changing! And yet – do you NEED to in order to run your chiropractic business in a national healthcare environment? Integrity Management HAS read it. Integrity Management does understand it and we DO keep up with the constant changes. We KNOW what it means to your chiropractic practice and we will teach it to you in a way you can understand with success.

Integrity Management Also Knows How to Manage a Chiropractic Practice Successfully in a National Healthcare System – Knowledge isn’t power – the IMPLEMENTATION of knowledge is power. You must not only know what Obamacare SAYS- you must know what to DO about Obamacare. How does this impact your practice? What changes do you need to make? Do you just wait and get hit by it and hope for the best? Should you prepare for it?

What changes have to be made to your chiropractic business? What deadlines have to be met? What recommendations and reimbursements have been impacted? What reports must now be made? Where do you go? What do you do? That’s what it means to have Integrity Management in your office! We show you HOW to manage a chiropractic business through the trials of national healthcare.


Our CFO and attorney for Integrity Management HAS read it and DOES understand it. He is going to teach it to you in a simple and understandable way so that you can have at a glance – the deadlines – the requirements – the changes – the fines and penalties – the restrictions – the benefits – the anticipated coverages and reimbursements – the legal ramifications all from the chiropractic perspective. No where else can you get this. You can be proud that we are putting you at the FRONT of understanding – surviving and THRIVING through this health care storm. This government takeover of health care is unlike anything that health care or our country has ever experienced. Never has cutting edge management been more important than now. Do you WANT to be PREPARED for this health care hurricane? Then be sure to take advantage of our Loan-A-Coach program listed below! During the program, you will have access to our exclusive Obamacare Survival materials created by David Cygan.

National Healthcare is HERE! It is LAW! What Should You Do? Start by taking advantage of our exclusive one month Loan-A-Coach program.. We will not only give you the answers on how to survive Obamacare, we will provide you with all the necessary practice building materials to THRIVE. To sign up, call: 800-843-9162 or fill out the form on the left.


Obamacare Consultant David Cygan J.D.

David E. Cygan, J.D., serves as Legal Counsel and the Chief Financial Officer for Integrity Management, LLC. He is licensed to practice law in the states of Nebraska and Colorado. Mr. Cygan has been recognized for his acclaimed work while serving for the State of Nebraska as an Assistant Attorney General.

His extensive knowledge on health care related issues contributed to his appointment as the Administrator of Medicaid / Managed Care for the state of Nebraska.

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