Integrity Doctors has influenced not only our clinic, but also our personal lives. The Integrity system provides structure for our clinic, enabling us to serve our community by treating and educating our patients. The materials provided help us prepare employees for different situations and give them information they will need to know to complete their duties in the office. The system has engrained core values into us that inspire us even when we are not in the office. We can’t imagine running our clinic without Integrity guiding us each day.

From the new patient appointment to the final progress report, we are thankful for the Integrity system. Our jobs would be far more difficult and complicated without the system. It provides us with answers for questions that we encounter daily. Our scripts for phone calls help tremendously with reactivations, reschedules, and even tough cases of patients wanting to discontinue care. It would be difficult to be prepared for those situations if we did not have the system. The scripts for How To Stay Young, Report of Findings, and the Progress Reports help educate our patients on why chiropractic care is important for their health. Patients appreciate that we take the time to tell them what is wrong with their spines, and then give them a plan for how we can help them. When they come into our office, they know what to expect. The system provides stability and predictability for each patient.

We know that our patients get the best care because we work and live by the Core Values and Success Principles put in place by Integrity. The doctors and staff are hired based on their display of the Core Values, and then trained to the point that they become auto-reflex. The Integrity system helps us implement the Core Values daily. Instead of simply knowing them, we live them. It teaches us to be leaders, not just with our staff, but to the patients as well. We lead the community to choose chiropractic by way of screenings and giving the How To Stay Young class. As an Integrity clinic, we know to keep chiropractic about the adjustments. We educate our patients about chiropractic, which is why they are here.

Integrity makes it easy for us to be passionate about not only chiropractic, but also our jobs. Patients can see our passion and they catch on to it. Integrity pushes Wow Service, which cannot be found in most health care offices. We go above and beyond for our patients because we love them and chiropractic care. We know it is our responsibility to care for and educate our community about chiropractic wellness. We are wellness experts and we want everyone to know how chiropractic can help them achieve wellness. The system and expectations put in place by Integrity create successful and well-loved chiropractic clinics. It has made it possible for us to grow, hire more staff, see more patients, and reach goals that were once seen as unreachable. With Integrity, no goals are unreachable.

Dr. Lisa Peerbolt