Your life and practice should require prayer – the miraculous. The supernatural. Your dream should be beyond what you can do on your own!

Prayer isn’t a 10-minute task at the beginning of a day so that you go to heaven. Prayer is a requirement to accomplish God’s dream and great plan for your life! You should be “in over your head” so you must pray. Your 5-year plan should be bigger than you are. Your plan drives you to your knees. If you are behind – your response is not to lower your dream – your response is to increase your prayer life. The dream creates a need for the “Garden of Gethsemane”.

You should be praying for your future. Finding the right location. Getting the finances. You should be praying for your neighborhood – for God to prepare the hearts of the 80% so they are receptive to His natural healing of the body and your marketing efforts.

So…Pray NOW for your practice! It solves the fear problems while you are in school. If it is alright for you to pray for your church, it is alright to pray for your practice. This is what He put you here to do! Pray for His will – His dream for you. I don’t want what YOU can do – I want what you, plus God, can do together. Bring Him in on it! Pray – it is essential.

If this offends you – I’m sorry, I sincerely didn’t mean to – now start praying. I’ve done this. I do this! Prayer works. I can’t imagine trying to get through my purpose without it. It is essential.