How Can Integrity Help My Chiropractic Clinic?

We have programs for every chiropractic experience level!

Integrity Student Club

At Integrity Doctors, we believe that all students should be better trained on what to expect in chiropractic business. That’s why we are dedicated to giving you the tools you need not just when you graduate, but while you are currently in school. You’re invited to take part in our Free Student Club on Facebook and take part in our incredible events that will help you learn about chiropractic business as well as associate opportunities!

Chiropractic Student Event
Chiropractic Practice Building

The QuickStart Program

Whether you need to start from scratch our start over, our QuickStart program will make sure you have the fastest and easiest transition into opening a brand new clinic. Our expert QuickStart coaches specialize in opening in new clinics and will give you the confidence needed to start your new chiropractic practice.

The Fresh Start Program

Not everything in chiropractic business goes as planned. Maybe you tried doing it on your own or have gotten into a situation that feels impossible to get out of. No matter what has happened to you in the past, we have a solution for you to move on and move up! Our Fresh Start program will give you the guidance necessary to get back in control as quickly as possible!

Integrity Elite Program

Feeling lonely at the top? Have you been looking for a group of other successful chiropractors to associate yourself with? Look no further than the Integrity Elite. With more than 500 members at an average age of 31, these impressive chiropractic clinics all collect a minimum of $40,000 per month and are changing the face of the profession. Join them in one of our luxurious seminar locations and experience what it’s like to be amongst the best!

We Have A Dream For Chiropractic.

We are in the business of helping chiropractic practices like yours, but as Integrity Doctors we choose to do more. As a part of all of our Integrity programs we want you to not only share the word about chiropractic, but build a stronger and healthier community. We already know that chiropractic will forever change and improve our patients health, but it’s not enough to just have a few patients. We need 80% of this country regularly utilizing chiropractic care! That’s the dream! We are #AllOutFor80!

$10,000,000 Raised For Charity Since 2013

That’s an incredible amount of money, help, passion, and support. But this is only the start as the Integrity System is implemented in more offices all across the world! Here’s a list of just some of the incredible charities that have benefited from The Integrity System and our community marketing efforts:

Make-A-Wish Foundation
American Cancer Society
United Way
Salvation Army
Catholic Charities
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
American National Red Cross
Habitat For Hummanity
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Susan G. Komen For The Cure
Teach For America
Shriner’s Hospital For Children
The Humane Society
The Wounded Warrior Project

What’s Your Question?

Do you need some help with the business side of practice? Looking for a job or for someone to buy your clinic? Do you need more new patients or struggle with finances and staying up to date with all the latest legal changes?

No matter what question you have, we have an answer! Now you can get a FREE COACHING CALL by simply calling Shelley at 800-843-9162 ext 8001 or click below to contact us now! You can receive a call from one of our expert coaches with no contract to sign, no credit card needed, and absolutely no obligations! Act now and you can even get a free invite for you and your staff to one of our one day regional conferences! What are you waiting for? We’re excited to answer your questions!