Brenda Page

Integrity Dream Maker

Brenda Page and her husband, Dr. Robert Page, have been in practice for over ten years and are members of Integrity Doctors Eagles Club. They joined Integrity Doctors in 2001 and after just six months achieved Top Flight Club status. Brenda has attended the Integrity Doctors seminars, learned how to implement the procedures and successfully built the practice with the Integrity system.

Clients benefit from Mrs. Pages extensive background in sales, customer service and human resources. She worked in the retail industry, where she was a top sales achiever, then applied her customer service skills in the banking field, working in sales management. Brenda worked as a Human Resources manager for companies undergoing turnaround situations, which developed her analytical and problem-solving skills. She received a bachelors degree in Economics and Spanish and holds an MBA, from the University of Iowa. She also earned the designation, Senior Professional Human Resources Manager, (S.P.H.R.), from the Society for Human Resources Management.

Mrs. Page specializes in practice representative mentoring. She has added to her coaching qualifications by attending the Top Flight seminars, which has expanded her thinking and enabled her to achieve goals that she had previously only dreamed about. The knowledge gained from these seminars has helped her teach YOU how to expand your dreams! It would be impossible to find a coach with more all around experience, education and business expertise for your practice than Brenda Page!