Dr. Brian Anderson

Integrity Dream Maker

Dr. Brian Anderson started his practice in San Angelo, Texas in 1989 and joined Integrity Doctors a year later. After six months with Integrity Doctors, he doubled his practice. His practice continued to grow and is now at the million-dollar level.

Dr. Anderson now works only three days a week, thanks to the success of his practice and the addition of a tandem associate. In recent years, he has enjoyed more growth with the addition of satellite clinics, using the guidance of the Integrity Doctors system. He attributes his success to using a proven system that has already been tested by hundreds of other clients and faithfully attending Integrity Doctors seminars, which gives him the opportunity to network with other Top Flight doctors at his practice level.

Simplicity and efficiency via standardized procedures are his two main driving forces in making a clinic highly profitable. He did it for his clinic and can do it for yours, too!