Dr. Dana O’Neil

Integrity Dream Maker

Dr. O’Neil is an Eagles Club Member and has been an Integrity Doctors client since 1992. His practice has experienced tremendous growth as a result of his loyal implementation of the Integrity Doctors procedures and his faithful attendance at the seminars. The Integrity System has helped him develop several satellite offices and tandem practices. Thanks to Dr. O’Neil’s hard work and dedication, he now has a great practice – working Monday through Thursday – and a great life.

He is married to Gorgeous Gail, and they have two wonderful children, Fabulous Faith and Grant the Great. Dr. O’Neil served in the Kentucky Air National Guard for over 13 years. He also served the chiropractic profession for many years as an officer in the Kentucky Association of Chiropractors including President and Chairman of the Board.

He is a tremendously positive and motivated person, making him a great coach who knows the system, who believes greatly in Chiropractic and who is excited about the challenge of helping doctors grow their life and their practice by following the Integrity Doctors System.