Dr. Denny Berger

Integrity Dream Maker

Dr. Denny Berger is an Eagles Club member and has been successfully implementing Integrity Doctors procedures for over a decade. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1994 and established his practice in Grove City, Ohio. Dr. Berger joined Integrity Doctors in 1995 and quickly achieved Top Flight status. Dr. Berger was also instrumental in establishing training and education for young doctors through the Ohio State Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Berger’s success demonstrates his working knowledge of the Integrity Doctors system. He has faithfully attended the seminars, followed the advice of his consultant and has achieved RESULTS in his practice. Dr. Berger will use his skills, knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the same level of success in YOUR practice.

As your coach, Dr. Berger will equip you with the tools necessary to achieve your ultimate practice goal. He will also encourage you to advance not only your own practice, but also the field of chiropractic as a whole. “By following the Integrity Management procedures, you will play a key role in taking chiropractic from 8% of the population to 80% of the population,” says Dr. Berger. “It is our responsibility to better educate our community about the benefits of chiropractic.”