Dr. Lonnie Pitts

Integrity Dream Maker

Dr. Lonnie Pitts is an Eagles Club Member and Top Flight doctor with Integrity Doctors. He has been attending Integrity Doctors seminars since he was a student at Northwestern College of Chiropractic and continued to attend after graduating in 1994, while he was an associate with an Integrity Doctor. In the spring of 1996, Dr. Pitts purchased his first clinic. Through implementing Integrity Doctors systems and procedures, he quickly doubled his practice and has shown consistent and remarkable growth ever since.

Dr. Pitts has also used the Integrity Doctors system to successfully go from a single doctor office to a tandem practice, as well as owning a total of 6 (5 of them simultaneously) successful multiple clinics. The clinics combined produced approximately $150,000 per month and the vision of the Five Year Plan was to have those clinics produce $13.5 million annually! Dr. Pitts notes, “running one clinic or lots of clinics is simply implementing the Integrity Doctors procedures and managing the statistics, it doesn’t mean you have to be in all of them to make them grow.”

Dr. Pitts is very involved in his community and spends much of his free time helping with his kids’ activities. He is highly respected for his work with school athletic departments, treatment of athletes and his efforts to assist economic development in his area. His office is often visited by students and interns as a place to learn procedure and PASSION for the profession. Dr. Pitts looks forward to using his diverse background and experience with Integrity Doctors to help you achieve your highest potential in your practice and your life!